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Impack Pratama Industri is the biggest plastic roofing manufacturer in Indonesia, producing polycarbonate sheet and PVC roofing.

With its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to enhance people's lifestyles with innovative products, Impack Pratama Industri has established itself in a leader position of the Indonesian plastic industry, and today its subsidiaries includes Kreasi Dasatama, Indah Cup Sukses Makmur, and Unipack Plasindo.

The management has consistently maintained and pursued its commitments towards ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and dedication to high quality products. These factors have been instrumental in shaping Impack's corporate culture and bringing about its proud record and achievements to date. In establishing the company's position as a market leader, the management and staff are equipped with the necessary skill and enterprising spirit, and total commitments to implement and achieve their desired goals in the future.

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PT. Unipack Plasindo

Unipack Plasindo is the manufacturer of rigid PVC compound under the brands CRYSTAL and POLYVIC for use in blow molding, extrusion, film, and injection applications.

Unipack PVC compound is used to produce bottles, pharmaceutical and toiletries, film, sheet, profile extrusion, and electronic injection molding.

Unipack PVC compounds are widely used in Indonesia, and have been exported to several countries as far as US market.

For bottle industry, Unipack brands are well known for its high heat resistance without giving up the bottle physical properties. For certain application which requires a packaging impermeable to oxygen and resistance to ultra violet rays, Polyvic ensures longer shelf lifetime, yet exposes the product naturally.

In February 1990, the company was awarded with Japan Hygienic PVC association Certificate (JHP) which attests to Impack Pratama Group’s ability to produce products of the highest quality and its position as a market leader for rigid PVC compound.


PT. Indahcup Sukses Makmur

Indahcup Sukses Makmur is an Indonesian industry pioneer in producing cups, lids, and trays made from Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), and PVC.

It provides a comprehensive solution to the food and beverage industries, electronic, and cosmetic industries from a simply plain extrusion sheets to printed finish-products.

Indahcup is established in Cileungsi-Bogor in the year 1996, in the area of 22,000 M2.

Premium quality materials, highly efficient and fully integrated European production system, experienced and high motivated personnel are Indah cup strengths to continually strive to anticipate and meet the dynamic market changes and its clients demands.

Indahcup’s brand, Polycup, has a very strong name in the local market, and has also been exported to several countries. Multi-national brands like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Wall’s Ice Cream, Pizza Hut, Texas Fried Chicken, and several mineral water producers have trusted Polycup as their preferred packaging.

To meet the market demand for cold storage packaging needs, in 2007, Indahcup has expanded its roll sheet production capacity, followed by its production capacity expansion in cup and bowl printing in early 2009. These developments are in line with Indahcup goal to be a prominent player and a leader in innovative packaging.