Corrugated Plastic Sheet
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Corrugated Plastic Sheet

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Impraboard is corrugated plastic sheet / twin-wall plastic sheet made from the highest quality polypropylene material using the most advanced and latest extrusion technology from Europe.

Impraboard is suitable for various applications, ranging from graphic arts, signage, display, promotional items, packaging, construction, agriculture, and other industrial applications.

Being a versatile material, you can use Impraboard to make almost everything beyond your imagination.

It is available in various attractive colors, thickness, sizes, and special features such as Ultra Violet (UV) protection and anti static.

For clients who need more than just an extrusion sheet, we offer services such as product design, customized cutting, screen printing, ultrasonic welding, and deliver the finish product to our clients.

Impraboard offers you the benefits of:

  1. Water resistant
  2. Light, strong, and durable
  3. Impact resistance
  4. Re-usability
  5. Hygienic
  6. Outstanding weather ability
  7. Dimensional stability in extreme temperature
  8. Food contact (specially designed for the packaging industry)
  9. Excellent surface for printing industry
  10. Resistance to most chemical
  11. Easy to convert (cut, form, bend, stitch, glued, etc)
General Specification

Standard Size
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Available Color

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Product Characteristics

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Material Characteristics


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