Corrugated Plastic Sheet
Layer Pad

Corrugated Plastic Layer Pad

A picture of stacked corrugated plastic layer padImpraboard PP Layer Pad is made from corrugated polypropylene sheet. It is perfectly sealed on all four sides and corners to guarantee optimum hygiene. Impraboard PP layer pad is widely used in the beverage industry as a divider sheet in between the bottles or cans for stacking purpose.

Impraboard PP Layer Pad will facilitate to transport your bottles or cans effectively, helping you to save packaging cost significantly as it is reusable and washable.

Benefits of using PP Layer Pad:

  • Perfectly sealed at all four sides and corners, giving you the optimum hygiene (especially important for food packaging industry)
  • Radius corners
  • Strong, light, thin, and durable
  • Flat, even, and non-slip surface
  • Dimensional stability in extreme temperature
  • Outstanding weather ability
  • Food contact application, made from virgin materials
  • Free from odor and taste
  • Chemical resistance
  • Free from splinters and dusts, which helps minimizing bottled and canned foodstuff failure.
  • Anti static (optional)
  • Printable (optional)

Printing on layer pad for identification purpose
Radius corner on all four corners

Specification of Impraboard PP layer pad
º Thickness : 3.5 mm
º Width and Length : Customized
º Color : Various
º Radius corner  
º Printable  


Technical Properties