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Impack Pratama Industri is the biggest plastic roofing manufacturer in Indonesia, producing polycarbonate sheet and PVC roofing.
With its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to enhance people’s lifestyles with innovative products, Impack Pratama Industri has established itself in a leader position of the Indonesia plastic industry, and today its subsidiaries includes Kreasi Dasatama, Indah Cup Sukses Makmur, and Unipack Plasindo.
The management has consistently maintained and pursued its commitments towards ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and dedication to high quality products. These factors have been instrumental in establishing the company’s position as a market leader, the management and staff are equipped with the necessary skill and enterprising spirit, and total commitments to implement and achieve their desired goals in the future.
Unipack Plasindo is the manufacturer of rigid PVC compound under the brands CRYSTAL and POLYVIC for use in blow molding, extrusion, film, and injection applications.
Unipack PVC compound is used to produce bottles, pharmaceutical and toiletries, film, sheet, profile extrusion, and electronic injection molding.
Unipack PVC compounds are widely used in Indonesia, and have been exported to several countries as far as US market.
For bottle industry, Unipack brands are well known for its high heat resistance without giving up the bottle physical properties. For certain application which requires a packaging impermeable to oxygen and resistance to ultra violet rays, polyvic ensures longer shelf lifetime, yet exposes the product naturally.
In february 1990, the company was awarded with Japan Hyguenic PVC association Certificate (JHP) which attests to Impack Pratama Group’s ability to produce products of the highest quality and its position as a market leader for rigid PVC compound.
Since 2015, Alderon is manufactured by PT. Unipack Plasindo – a subsidiary of PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk, innovative building material company.
PT. Impack Pratama Industri Tbk was established in 1982, listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange, and the manufacturer of premium roofing products such as Twinlite, SolarTuff, SolarTuff solid, and Alysnite.
Alderon is re-engineered, and produced in line with Impack Pratama mission to always provide innovative, superior quality, and useful products to the market.
The combination of unparalleled extrusion expertise, the usage of the cutting edge technologies and the best available material have long been the unmatched competitive advantages of Impack Pratama group.
Alderon offers a complete roofing solution from specially designed roofing system to the easy assembly top ridges that will significantly reduce the installation problems as well as helping to insure that the product warranty will be honored.
At Impack, we believe the power of quality product can transform lives to a better one. This new Alderon is reformulated and re-innovated. It is a high performance uPVC twinwall corrugated roofing.
When you try Alderon, you will experience your first class journey like you have been experiencing with all the products from Impack Pratama Group.
Started from a humble beginning in Malaysia, to manufacture adhesive for shoes in 1982, Orgavyl Chemical Industries Sdn Bhd (OCI) has grown and built a solid reputation as a leading manufacturer of a wide range adhesives and sealants covering various consumer and industrial purposes.
OCI has consistently raised the bar and won consumer’s trust by delivering quality products and services. Its products are presently exported to 15 countries.
In 2017 Impack Group took over OCI brand, and built its manufacturing facilities to Indonesia.

The new OCI operates under a new umbrella - PT. OCI material Pratama. Its new manufacturing facility is state of the art, equipped with advance technologies, experienced and professional personnel, to ensure only quality products will reach its customers.
OCI is continually working towards improving and expanding its presence, product range, and services globally.
The brand has always been synonymous with the secure and strong quality adhesion and bonding, the bond that is built to last.

PT. Mulford Indonesia Founded in 1991, Mulford Indonesia has been a major distributor of  building material in Indonesia, specializing in plastic roofings.
Mulford Indonesia offers its customers a vast spectrum of building material from the industry leading premium brands, from a comprehensive ranges of polycarbonate roofs, UPVC roofs, reinforced fiberglass roofs, PP roofs, sealant, aluminum composite panel to the accessories needed to help shape the design ideas.
Mulford Indonesia commitments to always give the customers its best service is reinforced with its branch presences in 13 major cities across the nation, its vast network of sales and distributions, well managed inventory in its spacious warehouse, and the numeros fleets that are ready to take on the roads to ensure a timely deliverance.
Mulford Indonesia has built a formidable reputation for being credible and professional in its service to cater this industry. Mulford Indonesia is not your conventional building material supplier, it is delivering a solution to your needs.
Mulford Plastics has been instrumental in pioneering much of today’s wide applications of plastics through the Asia Pacific Region. This includes innovative materials sourced from a diverse range of technology leading manufactures that are now used across a host of dynamic industries: from Building and Construction, Corporate Signage, Shop-fitting, Engineering, Mass Transportation, Digital Printing through to Electrical and Electronic industry.